Verus Test and Balance provides a wide variety of services. First, we can prove reliable and accurate air testing and balancing of pressure critical areas including:

  • Animal holding facilities (vivarium)

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Biological research facilities

  • Protective and infectious isolation rooms​​ and suites

  • Surgery suites

  • Computer \ IT server rooms​

Critical Area Test and Balance

​In addition to the testing and balancing of pressure critical areas, Verus Test and Balance also specializes in the testing and balancing of other air systems, including:

  • Air system test and balance of commercial offices
  • Air system test and balance of retail spaces
  • ​​​Fume hood testing​
  • Hydronic system test and balance
  • HVAC system design review

We also provide air and hydro​nic system survey and operational analysis for engineering firms and building owners.

Testing and Balancing Services